Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Out of the mouth...

       of a family member things are said.
        Sometimes it opens my eyes clearly.
         Things I already knew are reinforced.
        Gosh I miss Robert Lee Boring.

           In other news I am recovering from the plague.
     I will survive !

        Christmas will be smaller than I wanted.
     But I’ll be there at least.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Day from H E L L except for afternoon visit...

Saturday Delaware had a snow/sleet/ice mess. We ended of with 5 in on ground with pavement clear except low areas of ice. 
I double checked weather reports for western PA. Nothing showing except cold temps.
Confidently I set out at 5:30 am Sunday to retrieve last bred ewe. All was well for first 4 hours of 6 hour trip. When I got to Breezewood I ran into snow squalls hit or miss for next hour. No biggie I turned off cruise and lowered speed. I was following I Phones GPS. So far I’d been on two lane divided highways. The last 2 hours I “visited” every small town in western PA , snow covered roads , slippery conditions, sketchy all around. At one point in a town I can’t name to protect the innocent I stopped at the top of a steep hill and asked a guy if it was safe to continue down? He said just go slow you’ll be fine but it turns at bottom. I slid standing on my brakes the whole way with my truck shuddering to the “turn”. It was a sharp switchback to the right. I slid to the guardrail straight ahead . Beyond the rail was sheer space down to 100’ bottom. I was shaking and cussing that guy the rest of the day. I managed to turn right and get to the bottom and finish my directions. 
After picking up the ewe I asked for better homeward directions. He gave me 3 turns to get to 80. I’m thinking this is a piece of cake. After turning on the phone gps at 80 I found out I was wrong. I nail bit all across pa on back roads till Harrisburg. I was tired ,hungry and my neck was hurting from tension.
I called LN and said here I come. I was close to her college so I made a pit stop. She brought 10 people out to ooo and ahhh over her ewe. Most had never saw livestock close up. I usd bathroom and walked out tension before continuing Home. 
I arrived at 8:30 to ice from snow thawing and freezing all day I was gone.
At least I got to see LN. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hard day

       Trailer pulled out with last cows today.
The hardest thing I’ve done in awhile was halter and lead them to the trailer.

It may seem silly but they meant the world to me. All three younguns had parts in their lives. As they grew up and moved on with lives these gentle but sassy girls kept me going with the memories of days gone by. I smiled each time I saw them, even when they broke down fences and went on long “hikes” I smiled.
Diamond the red paint Shorthorn is the matriarch who started it all. When I look at her I see my son. He had a rough ten years and she was there to get him through. A therapist told him to walk away from his anger and go brush his cow. He laughed but did it and it helped him tremendously. 

The end of an era . Never more...

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Christmas knit complete

         The mosaic shawl seen on website       
                        looked challenging. 

           It was. I frogged several times.

        I persevered and with help from a friend
                    figured it out eventually.

                Last bind off stitch.

    Complete except for blocking and wrapping.

Friday, November 17, 2017

I guess I am lucky?

It seems to me I must be lucky.
I rarely get sick.
I avoid doctors also.
I give blood where they send me reports on BP and Blood Sugars so I am aware of those factors.
I check for lumps and bumps regular.
I also am very aware of whats "normal" pertaining to my body.
Surprisingly a lot of people are not familiar with their own bodies and are surprised by things .
I eat as much unprocessed food as I can.
Meat from livestock I grow, veggies from my garden, fruit either I grow or local orchard.
I do not eat "organic" because as someone who lives the ag life I know its not true.
I guess I am lucky.
I also am not a hypochondriac and that helps.
I do worry that with modern society either all organic or all processed people go to extremes.
Living around animals, manure and outside influences without living in an airtight house helps also. 
People I know that live in development homes that are airtight and eat "wholesome organic food"
seem to get sick a lot.
No immunities to nature?
Just my Friday musings.
If you only knew a bit of what rolls around in my noggin you would be scared.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Old to New

Digging through our “little” room where stuff is stored I found this...

My kids loved it . The garage is on the other side where the car can drive into it. The lid lifts up to see the bed area and the dog you see is sitting in the area by the bed. The sliver of orange above the roof is a chimney that has a slide inside. There is a bell to sound and a butterfly to move around. Miss A will enjoy this I’m sure as much as the others have. Prefect toddler size, I brought out the Little People house but she’s a bit too young to appreciate it.

This weekend I’m house/dog sitting for my son while he and his family go to PA. When I arrived I found this gem waiting on me.

It’s so me and will hold my tea nice and warm.

R and I went to an open house at a shop near us. I love these towels that came home with me. They open up with another panel but they don’t fit on my stove handle full size. I wanted to show you the red stripes.

Somehow these jumped in my truck too. They have a greenish cast to them. They didn’t photograph well as it’s getting dark earlier now.

Back to going through stuff and purging. Too bad it will take 20 years to make a dent. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Well she makes the rules...

                  Miss A decided the hat and 

                        bag was just too much. 

       Didn’t matter a bit because she was

      the cutest Strawberry Shortcake ever.

                   Her sass cracks me up.

         I try not to let her see it but it’s there.

                            Lordy help us!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday morning fun

Load of field corn for deer hunters....

Running it into barn loft bins.

All done...

Now to bag it out in hundreds...

Muscle power...

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Girl...

Came to see us!

               Can you see R in the sunset 

                 messing with Gemstone?

  She worked near me and stopped by after             work to torture the girls.

         Miss Diamond was asking me,

                “Why is that girl here again?

     Every time she shows up we have to      endure her attention and selfies and petting.”

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Strawberry Shortcake

R2 asked me to make a costume for Miss A to wear trick or treating next week. She is fully aware it’s for R2’s benefit as Miss A will never remember at 18 months old.

Strawberry Shortcake was requested and here’s my attempt.

We used a simple store bought a-line dress.

R2 also bought green and white striped tights so we oughta be good to go.

Hopefully I’ll have pictures to show off her next week. Fittings were difficult last night as she flipped and flopped and cried so fingers crossed.

Don’t examine it too closely . It’s thrown together without seam finishes.

If Momma’s happy Grandma’s happy.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Done before...

Christmas season.

Socks are finite finally. I don’t keep at it so it took a year . Oh well at least I finished .

Self striping yarn is pretty nice.

I tried to start about the same place on the second sock.

Matched up pretty well.

Now to start a Christmas present that is to gifted this year not next.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


...someone fade away who was vibrant and full of life is humbling.

My Dad hang the moon for me.

Oh the stories I can NEVER share of his escapades. 
It’ll be a long haul but signs are so prevalent now.
He doesn't want to stay here handicapped by his waning health.
He was always a vibrant person , always working at something.
Nothing he couldn't fix or build.
Now those memories are fading or gone. 
My memories of him will never fade but most will remain private.
He was something alright but loose lips sink ships.
We were a team and I have never been closer to anyone.

I hope to encourage him to try but I see his point also.
There just are not enough words ...

Sunday, October 1, 2017


I woke up to 50• outside and 60• inside. I am happy, happy, happy!

Hopefully the bugs will go away so Miss A and I will be able to go outside without getting bit every two feet or so. We are magnets for mosquitos. Her more than I but I still get bit a lot more than others.

She loves to play outside so hopefully she will be able to without looking like a leprosy patient.

No amount of flea medicine either prescribed or over the counter works on dog and cat that run through fields and pastures. 

My night lights and bowls of soapy water are spred through the house. I change it daily. The amount is thinning. Some bowls are only containing one or two fleas but may contain small spider or moth. Yea they die too yeah! I'll keep this up till frost shows up. I do not turn heat on until after frost. I do not let cat or dog inside either. S does after I go to bed, he thinks I don't know it. Nothing bites him so he doesn't care.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Common sense has died in America

I do not care if you like this blog, is for my personal use not to please the world.

I read others blogs and enjoy them.

I DO NOT try to tell them they are wrong nor do I preach to them.

I believe most bloggers write as a journal also.


I have unfollowed so many lately because I can't take the negativity about our country.

Historically we have had horrible Presidents but I can not remember any 
being trashed daily over every word and having their lives threatened such as is happening now.

Good, bad or indifferent Trump is America's President.

{Geeze Nixon didn't get this much hatred and he was impeached and resigned.}
Respect our President, respect our flag, respect America!
I have disliked some of our Presidents but I kept it to myself and didn't act like a fool.
The protests are ridiculous, period.
I will not watch football anymore or any sport or show that disrespects the USA.

What the hell has happened to common sense and patriotism anyhow?

If you don't like my opinion please unfollow me, don't bother commenting.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Big E

This weekend LN , R and I drove to Massachusetts for the Big E sheep show.

She won Reserve Champion Wool Lamb in Junior Show .

She also won the senior class of leadline.

Then won overall leadline Champion.

This won her wool fabric and Babylock sewing machine.

Nice weekend with my girls.

Wearing paisley showing LN's Lincoln lambs.

R helped her all weekend.

Lambs were happy to rest after the show.

On the way home something blew or leaked oil everywhere.

I limped home and now have to deal with fixing that.

It is always something.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Mojo Nojo

Gosh I have no mojo...
I have tons of projects to finish but no motivation to do.
Some days my mind is racing so fast I can't settle.
Does that make sense?

I am plugging away on catching up since LN went to college.
Mostly household projects; sorting, cleaning, etc.
Still working on scholarships for her.
I type on old typewriter the main information.
She writes essays or statements needed and emails me completed paper.
I put it all together and mail it off.
We are a good team.

I do miss her.
Not I'm crying and unconsolable but she was my sidekick for so many years it's just weird.
She texts me regular and mostly she initiates conversations.
She's thriving at F and M.
Joining clubs, enjoys classes, looking into study abroad and internships, etc.
Full immersion ...

I'm still watching Miss A each week one or two days.
She keeps me busy for sure running to catch up to this busy girl.

I took her to beach last weekend. She was happy to explore and walked so much for a 16 month old.
The stroller was evil and she did not want to be pushed around but she would push it for me.
Someone (I was with close friends) had to steer but she pushed it.

She stared at the waves rolling in. 
She put her hands behind her back and contemplated her life.

No interest in getting wet but she did eat a good bit of sand for some reason.
Into everyones life some grit/sand must fall?
We ate at an awesome place, they serve Death Fries.
Yum the best!
French fries with barbecue sauce, cheese, bacon and ranch dressing on top.
Don't knock it till you try them.
Miss A threw a knock down full out tantrum there as I tried to make her sit in a booster seat.
She was fine standing in the seat but not sitting.
It was embarrassing and I was that person unable to control my grandkid.
I walked her outside and back in and sat her on my lap which she was ok with.
Hmmm may need to go out to restaurants more to teach etiquette .
Thats such a weird statement.
Yes I know she is 16 months old and yes she needs to learn it at home.
It will give me an excuse to steal her away to the beach though so hush.
Those death fries...I'm just saying....

Mornings are cool and fog lays over the fields.
I'm in heaven.
No AC and happy girl I am.

My son Z reading to Miss A.
Hard to see but she's laying on his chest.
He's such a badass right?
He likes to think so but I see how gentle and sweet he is with her.
She fell couple feet onto concrete the other day while with me.
He was constantly checking on her all day.
She had small cut on her head but otherwise was ok.
She was quieter than normal, sitting to watch TV (yuck), playing on floor instead of running around.
I watched her all day just in case and checked her at nap time.
I'm sure she had a headache but can't say.
By supper (this happened at 10 am) she was back to tearing up the world.

Side note:
I woke up with Mickeys Playhouse song scrolling in my head the other night.
When she is with me I only let her watch "her TV" for two half hour sessions a day.
She doesn't pay attention most of the time except when music comes on.
Why start such a bad habit?
She loves her music though so I turn on music channels otherwise.
I like music too so we jam.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Time to fly...

LN is moved in to Franklin and Marshall and goodbye has been said. I'll see her Friday to go to a livestock show over the weekend. 

Chilling and setting up wifi...

Desk becoming a makeup center. She's will nest in her bed to study or go elsewhere.

Posters and lights make everything bright!

I'm in hotel after going to small town fair.

Tomorrow flea markets before heading home .

I'm exhausted ...

Night all!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Strong and Tough

We spent last night before LN is moved to college working of course.

Tub washing sheep for MD state fair next weekend, cleaning nasty pen, killing wasps and mud dabbers by the ton, cussing, arguing, laughing, and generally causing grief all around.

No pictures because we were all working and wet and occasionally wearing manure.

Truck is packed and ready.

R was here helping tonight and saying goodbye. They are really close .

Z will be here at 5:50 am to say goodbye. He's a toughy but inside he cares.

Grandparents were visited today.

Her best friend is here now for last hugs.

Tomorrow she flies...

Tough and strong (and occasionally mean) just like I want her to be.

Life's not humble and kind.

Kick a** kid!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


She's 18 today. 

No words are enough to explain my love for 


Beautiful inside and out!

Thursday, August 10, 2017


I'm not sure what to write about.
Lots of things going on.
Packing for LN to run away to college makes my house chaotic.

I am going to miss her but I'm excited for her to start this chapter.
She's a smart cookie and is so levelheaded.
I hope she embraces the experiences on the way and has some fun to boot.
Her big brother Z keeps saying she will be drunk the first weekend.
He annoys her to no end.
She may but most likely won't.

The tuition scholarship trip to F and M last week was disappointing.
She will lose scholarship money she busted her butt to win to pay a trustee grant off instead of having a balance left over for sophomore year.
It's frustrating that scholarship committees write checks to colleges to do with as they will.
I know why it happens and know a few students who were not responsible with their money.
 Just for this kid I disapprove.
She will not have scholarships available in the next three years like she has now.
Organizations seem to think lets help your freshman year then you are on your own.
She has had some deferrals and checks sent to her.
Those are squirreled away for upcoming years.
I know I sound ungrateful and I am not.
It is a nice problem to have I am aware so don't judge.

Otherwise I'm still fighting the side effects from being sick all July.
The sulphur drug tore me apart.
I now know I am sensitive or flat out allergic to sulphur drugs .
The sensitivity to sunlight is horrible considering it is SUMMER.
I get headaches quickly.
I am out the other side so am taking it in stride as much as I can. 

I wish I was here!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Delaware State Fair

We are camped at the Delaware State Fair.
It's been a long 10 days but satisfying.
LN showed her market lambs with one making the auction.
Her breed sheep showed well also.
She won Champion Fitter Overall,
Champion Black Fleece,
Champion Lincoln Ewe
and Supreme Champion Wool Ewe.

Leadline with her problem yearling.

Still looked pretty and showed well.

Champion Fitting, don't mind the intense scowl.

Champion Black Fleece and Lincoln Ewe.

3rd place in market class which made the auction.

Supreme Wool Ewe
Happy girl!

Her and her sister R in matching shirts showing her Border Leicesters 
in White Wool Ewe Drive.

Fun fair for LN overall.
Her entries in the open building  were well received.
Two judges awards for her dress and rope basket.
4-H building entries also placed well.
Still have 4-H awards tonight before fair ends at midnight.
Big cleanup and transport home tomorrow.
 Proud of my kids.