Tuesday, July 17, 2012

At Last

At last I blog report...

Sounds funky, no ?
I caved and bought a new laptop.
The kindle I was given for my birthday is great for reading but not blogging or
 responding to emails, etc.
LN and I leave for 10 days at State Fair on Friday and I wanted to keep blog going.
I know I've been slacking lately but it's been so hot I haven't turned desktop pc on
 for fer of frying it in my "no AC" abode.
I've been reading others blogs but couldn't post from my kindle so,,,
I caved and bought a Dell Laptop, fairly low priced  and enough for me to do a
few things  I need to do.
I will load camera program soon so I can read pics at fair and post accordingly as girls show.
LN and I have been swamped with her fair projects but as of yesterday she entered all but live plants and vegetables. They go Thursday morning and we move animals and stay Friday evening
till following Sunday.
S doesn't spend nights but comes to their shows which works for us so business stays open
except for 2 days,
I should comment on S as well. He caved after weeks of high heat and humidity and bought 2 window ac units. The house is reasonable now, around 75* farthermost from units but nicer than high 90*s even with windows down and insulated curtains drawn. I personally don't like air because I get head stopped up and cant take a breath if its too cold or blowing on me.
 I have been alternating between bed and basement.
Only reason we didn't have ac before was theory that if we get used to coolness we'll never go outside to work animals or store. So far I see S doing that already. I force myself to but I know it needs done and was raised by adage "if it needs done, DO IT" so..
I will try to post more regular now that I can take laptop with me it's just more convenient.


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