Wednesday, July 25, 2012


So I'm a bit late posting.
 The internet connection here is iffy even though I paid $ 40.00 for the 10 day fair access.
LN showed her goats Sunday in the pictures above and placed 1st and 3rd in market allowing both to go to Jr.Exhibitor Auction thursday evening.
Yes I know she's sideways! Camera loading to new laptop is a learning process ;0
Her money gained there will pay her feed bill and rest go into bank for her education and 1st car/truck.
Monday she showed hogs.
No luck there :/

So we moved on to lambs and beef.
LN had steer and feeder calf as well as 2 market lambs
showing at the same time in 2 barns ;/
I can't load pictures right now, I've been trying all day . GRRRRRRRR....
Anyhow she wasn't suscessful with lambs or her steer

LN won Grand Champion Feeder Calf!
I don't have beef pictures because I stayed in lamb barn while her sister R stayed with beef and LN ran back and forth.
She was happy , this is her 1st year showing cattle and it's been a rocky one!

Otherwise she's been in her 4-H demonstration  contest and won in her catergory.
She has the auction Thurs. night and a few community service obligations as well as Pretty Animal Contest Fri. night and Dress Revue Sat.

but all and all a fairly (pun intended) calm fair.
You win some, you lose some!
I ll update as the connection allows...GGGRRRRRRRR...

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