Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh My

Oh  my goodness gracious what a suck a** day.
I argued w R & LN as they washed and cleaned cows up and cleaned cow and pig pens then loaded things to set up cow area at fair.
I should apologize I am a BITCH royally. I know it but I am mentally exhausted and cant seem to get a handle on it.
At some point changes need made but not today so I am trying to deal.
I am tired and was hot but a storm rolled through and took  away the humidity and by Friday temp is forecast for 79*.
Just in time to move animals to fair for 10 days.
I feel beat up today.
Tomorrow hopefully I ll snap out of it as I have to go to fair w LN to deliver her 18 Vegetable entries.
R's husband S2's father has enormous garden. LN adores him and vice versa.
He said" I have everything planted so put in entries to fair and help me a little and you can take them."
She hasnt help as much as I would like but he is too nice to complain.
So tomorrow we take them and some live plant exhibits she has and I'll stay to judge 4-H horticulture exhibits while she sets up sheep and goat pens.
After I go to the chiropractor to rearrange my back into working order again ;/
Ahh to be so happy as alot of other bloggers I follow
but then I wouldn't be ME!
God help us all.

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  1. Hey, nobody says we all have to be Pollyannas all the time. I figure your blog is where you get to say what you want. Or let off steam. Or maybe look for sympathy because you can't get it at home. Because you're always worse to those you love best. ;o}