Friday, May 31, 2013

Yo, Yo,Yo

I am alive and as well as 100* heat allows...
Tonight was LN's 8th grade dance.
My tomboy gussied up a tad and went dancing.
She's posing with her friend she's had since kindergarden.

This is how serious she is practicing her oral reasons at her last livestock judging Thursday night.
Memorizing is hard work.
Next week we find out her results so fingers crossed.
She has a busy summer and adding her trip to Spain just added more work for us both.
She'll have a great time and learn and experience so much.
Hopefully her sponge will absorb it all.
I'm scrambling to get passport in time as well as fights arranged so she can meet chaperones.
Momma doesn't like her lil bird flying alone but it isn't like she can get out I guess.
I'll work it out and fret it out as well.
Hot as Hades here and wilting ever plant and animal whether in and on the ground or pot.
Some of garden is in and more beginning of the week when temps drop to 70's.
I will never catch up...
Oh well
More later ....


It's official LN is going to Spain and France to play soccer for 11days the end of June into July. It s a sudden trip and lots of rushing to get travel documents like passport so I'm going crazy. I ll update soon I promise. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I haven't died seriously. I'm just meh and sweating too much to post . I will sit down soon and post I promise. Headed to state semi final soccer to watch my kids school team compete. It's HOT so I'm wearing as little as possible. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom's Day

Although I'm blessed to be a Mom to a few kiddos
this day depresses me greatly.
It's Happy Mother's Day but I haven't had a Mom in forever.
Oh she's alive , she's just not present in my life and hasn't been since I was a little girl.
{Yes I know sister if you're reading this you disagree but it's my opinion and it's based on facts}
Mom decided I was too independent at a young age (like 5) and she didn't like that.
As a result she wrote me off.
We lived in the same house till I was about 16 but not closely.
I can't remember a time when I wasn't independent because I had to be.
Kind of a catch 22 ya know?
I'm told I need to forgive her for my sake.
I don't agree.
I don't feel the need to spend my energy forgiving or forgetting her.
Better to learn and guard myself is my thoughts.
It's sad I should have this dilemma as a adult but worse as a young girl.
It has made me a harder person than my siblings who let her coddle them at will.
Guess it's my fault then?
Bull stuff to that.
I learned from this to change the cycle with my kids.
We always say "I'm never going to be my parents".
Well in this I am not nor will ever allow myself to be this to my kids.
Kids do not asked to be born nor treated badly as minors.
Woman up and act your age as parents and do right by your kids.
My thoughts on this fake Hallmark holiday. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Keeping it going

MamaPea this is for you. Actually it's most if us right now. Hope you appreciate my humor! Happy Sunday!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

MD Sheep and Wool

LN & I spent 6 1/2 hrs at the MD Sheep and Wool show/festival today.
It was 10 hrs if you count travel time and traffic.
The day started out cloudy and breezy.
The Chesapeake Bay bridge was not crowded and was visible.
Some days its so foggy you can't see over the 5 mi stretch.

There were 5 large barges waiting for their trip up the bay.
They sit waiting for Monday and the pilot who will guide them up the bay.
At the festival LN represented Delaware in the MIWW booth.
She helped sell Wool Crème hand lotion as a fundraiser.
She enjoyed giving out samples, selling lotion and smoozing with the public.
The day turned out a little warm but the constant breeze kept us comfortable.
After we left and were eating dinner at Fudruckers we noticed we each had sunburn
where our shirts were scooped at the necklines.
We came home in time to feed all the animals and LN even had time to slam the soccer ball against the shop wall a zillion times in preparation for tomorrow's travel soccer game.
I closed up the greenhouse although the plants are big enough to deal with the weather now.
All and all a great day with my kid.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Lots of stuffings got accomplished since LN and I made it home by 6 pm tonight and
light was still available.
She decided to walk her lambs and goats for the official 1st time.
They have been handled and moved within the barn but not walked any distance.
The 2 goats, Dorothy and Noodles weren't horrible.
They just screamed and gagged like they were dying.

Lambs welllllll.....
another story as these pictures translate.

I kept laughing the whole time.
LN stayed with it and they were walked to the garden and back.
Hopefully they will get with the program since her 1st livestock show is in 2 weeks.
Hogs were their awesome selves.
They made 2 trips with minimal issues.
Meet Obama, Michele and Muhammed!
Don't ask and I won't tell...

All that was left to do was arena herd but LN protested by sitiing in the driveway sulking.
So being a good Mommy I gave her my camera and walked with her as she took 83 pictures.
Some not so bad, some not so good!
Gotta start somewhere

and then she snapped me...

Scared ya?
Oh well I returned the favor and snapped a set of her brace face.

Check out those heavy duty springs she has.

Cool kid
This is big red, my truck.
I love my ride.
And some round bales just cause...
Plants waiting to be put in hopefully Sunday or Monday.
Garden tilled and waiting.

Ending with a picture for  MamaPea of our "snow".
Springtime Snow in Delaware

Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Me again Margaret!

Life is rolling along and me with it.
I cant sit down long enough to post with LN's spring schedule.
Each night there is 1 or 2 sometimes 3 things scheduled.
It's fair prep time so all the judging contests and demonstrations are happening.
This is LN & a friend demonstrating on field hockey.
Funny thing is they both came from soccer games at opposing schools to
compete in this team demo.
They received a blue ribbon and will compete at the state fair with it.
LN also participates in 3 judgings in our county and then choses 2 to compete at fair in.
So far she's done clothing and textiles where she was 2nd in the county,
foods where she was so-so ,I believe 6th or 7th and
finally she's 3 out of 6 parts in on completing livestockstock judging.
She thinks she's doing well there but has to wait and see final results in a few weeks.
This was the beef part, she's also completed the swine part.
Sheep and goats to come with another classroom training.
The new calf is doing great.
Ron Weasley is an easy keeper so far.
Look how tall he is.
He has to bend down to nurse at 5 days old.
Holy cow....

 Miss Diamond is recovering well and protective as ever.
Peace is being doled out as the herd of 7 adjusts to the newest addition.
3 of the 4 cows have a calf but the 4th who doesn't trys to steal one as often as possible.
The garden is tilled, the plants in the greenhouse are growing, time to put them in soon.
Peas are sprouting but that's all that 's been planted at this point.
Time is ticking.
Grass is growing.
Laundry piles are piling.
Dishes always need washing.
Ahhh the life.....