Saturday, May 4, 2013

MD Sheep and Wool

LN & I spent 6 1/2 hrs at the MD Sheep and Wool show/festival today.
It was 10 hrs if you count travel time and traffic.
The day started out cloudy and breezy.
The Chesapeake Bay bridge was not crowded and was visible.
Some days its so foggy you can't see over the 5 mi stretch.

There were 5 large barges waiting for their trip up the bay.
They sit waiting for Monday and the pilot who will guide them up the bay.
At the festival LN represented Delaware in the MIWW booth.
She helped sell Wool Crème hand lotion as a fundraiser.
She enjoyed giving out samples, selling lotion and smoozing with the public.
The day turned out a little warm but the constant breeze kept us comfortable.
After we left and were eating dinner at Fudruckers we noticed we each had sunburn
where our shirts were scooped at the necklines.
We came home in time to feed all the animals and LN even had time to slam the soccer ball against the shop wall a zillion times in preparation for tomorrow's travel soccer game.
I closed up the greenhouse although the plants are big enough to deal with the weather now.
All and all a great day with my kid.

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