Friday, May 31, 2013

Yo, Yo,Yo

I am alive and as well as 100* heat allows...
Tonight was LN's 8th grade dance.
My tomboy gussied up a tad and went dancing.
She's posing with her friend she's had since kindergarden.

This is how serious she is practicing her oral reasons at her last livestock judging Thursday night.
Memorizing is hard work.
Next week we find out her results so fingers crossed.
She has a busy summer and adding her trip to Spain just added more work for us both.
She'll have a great time and learn and experience so much.
Hopefully her sponge will absorb it all.
I'm scrambling to get passport in time as well as fights arranged so she can meet chaperones.
Momma doesn't like her lil bird flying alone but it isn't like she can get out I guess.
I'll work it out and fret it out as well.
Hot as Hades here and wilting ever plant and animal whether in and on the ground or pot.
Some of garden is in and more beginning of the week when temps drop to 70's.
I will never catch up...
Oh well
More later ....

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