Friday, June 8, 2018

Weekend is almost here

Picked this cutie up for the weekend.
Her "Mama" is at her daughter's wedding.

She cried for first hour before flopping on sheet couch for shuteye.
I need to cover the furniture.
She is shedding like crazy.
Some stress, some time of year.

I sent this to my younguns a few days ago.
Absolute silence came back my way.
Is that guilt or admission of....

Off to sheep tend.
Tomorrow working at accountants job.
Sunday going to fetch another lamb for LN.

Sunday, June 3, 2018


What is it?
A game of hide and seek?


Nah, just R trying to put a duvet cover on.
She crawled inside the opening to tie the corners on.
Suits her generation and aesthetic but I prefer quilts.

Poor Pink, we dressed her in a halloween costume after moving her owners Mom in SC.
She was not pleased.


Finally me and my bestie at the bar!
Z's new house has carpet in living room so no more eating and drinking there.
Not a bad idea to only eat in kitchen area anyhow.
Miss A is learning the new rules and seems happy to comply as long as I sit with her.
Barstools are fun!

Tomorrow R, R2 and Miss A and I are off to IKEA.
With R and Z both moving to new houses within same month they want small things.
It's fun to see them try new things out.
I am along for my truck bed and moral support.
I may look at some things though...

Wednesday off to western PA to pick up another ewe lamb.
This time its a White Lincoln spring lamb.
Variety is good.
Long drives are becoming the norm.

In early July a 12 hour drive to Indianapolis, Indiana to All American Junior Sheep Show.
Then off to our state fair at end of month.
I need a vacation.

No garden yet because of nonstop rain.
I am still going to try to get one in if rain stops for 24 hrs.
I an waterlogged.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Broke my code...

I broke down and sprayed weeds this morning.
Two tank fulls in the backpack sprayer.
I have held out as long as possible however I am only one person.
If I had help but that's another story in itself.
The constant rain, no cattle, no hogs, only sheep combine for a lot of open fields and gobs of weeds.
Thistles, inkberries, ragweeds, wild cheeries are popping everywhere.
I broke down.
Yep it's poison but they will be thinned down.
Come fall I'll have plenty of breed sheep to eat it down but not now with show string.
They are confined to keep their fleeces in show condition.
The older ewes are sparse as we rebuild from crossbreds to pure with one out for breeding also.
Off to NC...
Hope I see brown dead stuff when I return although this kind seems to 
take a week to show when my son sprays it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Interesting spring/early summer...

After about 10 days of rain we finally had a dry day followed by another rain day then a sun day.
Finally dried enough to hang laundry and mow yard.
Ugh it was so thick and wet.
I'm not a fanatic mower so it is good enough for me.
If ya don't like it come mow it better ;~}`

I have been busy with this nugget.
We have 5 kittens about a month old now.
Miss A is a terror to them, always petting and holding them to their dismay.
She will climb in the dog cage they were born in on the porch and never leave.

Also busy with this nugget.
Home for the summer and showing her market lambs at the county livestock show.
It rained heavily Friday when we hauled them down, unloaded tack, set up and 
again on Saturday at the show.
She starts her summer internship tomorrow.
Welcome to adulting LN.

This week Miss A brought a kitten inside and watched cartoons with her and her juice.
I asked her Mom to pull some "I am at Grandma's and always dirty clothes".
We just about ruined these tights crawling through the dog crate and sheep pen.

I just can not handle this sassy pants.
Her look is her Daddy's.
Lord help us all!
They are moving and fixing up a house that hasn't been occupied in a few years.
It is daunting but he will get there.
More space and a step up when done.
He's always climbing.
Not every kid needs to go to college however if they do not they better be
as hardworking as he is.
He will live as good as if not better than college graduates because of his work ethic and ambition.
Proud of my kid.
Still hope he gets a dose of karma when Miss A turns out to be like him!!!

Not much to say otherwise...
Headed to NC to help a friend move this weekend.
Girls road trip...

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Sheep, ETC

LN is done with her first year of college.
Her friend and I took her sheep over to MD Sheep and Wool Festival Thursday night 
of first weekend in May.
Friday after feeding them I drove to PA to pickup LN and all her belongings from her dorm.
We drove back to festival and she fitted and showed her sheep and entered leadline.
Sunday night we walked them out to trailer and back to Delaware we trucked.
It was easier than fighting the traffic behind the barns.

 She won her Senior Leadline class with Sprout her birder at her side.

I love this wool outfit she made.
It was for National Make it with Wool but she chose not to attend.
I am glad it is being utilized.

LN and her friend bowed their heads in shame after placing last with her one lamb.
Just kidding they were gossiping as the other sheep were placed.
She knew the lamb was smaller than the rest of the class so was not surprised at the judges placing.
Her other yearlings in the Lincoln show did better.
It's a learning process.

We were penned in a central aisle so petting from the public was the norm.
LN had to compete for the sheeps attention as she worked.

Pet me PLEASE!!!

Goofy girl with a long dread caused by winter rubbing .
I do not know where these crazy fools find so many places to get in trouble.

Listening to a lightening storm blowing through.
Hopefully it is taking the 90* heat back where it came from.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Weekend mess...

Eventful but not exciting weekend mess...

Lucy is only a year old. She gave birth this morning to 5 kittens. 3 orangish, 2 blackish... She chose the dogs porch crate as her nesting birth spot. S brought her home last year against my wishes so I told him to take care of her. (I take care of all animals and I’d had enough.)He never followed through on fixing her but swears he will now . A day late and a dollar (or 5 kittens) short. Should be easy to rehome I hope.

Hopefully she’s a good mom. 

Her figure bounced back quickly lucky duck.

Pebbles dreads are hanging mon! I tried to de tangle the burrs stuck on them so she could see through the vines. She wasn’t impressed.

The garden is worked up so no excuses {sigh}.

Hopefully I’ll start this week with peas. Spring has been so crazy it’s been hard to judge when it’s safe.Some people have already planted but most around here are just beginning to till up their ground. 

These girls are always so helpful no matter the chore. Overnight they pulled the trash bags off these tubs so I had to lay heavy gate panels over them. Hehehe they don’t realize bathtime is approaching this week.

This chore couldn’t be put off any longer. Sporadic clumps of weeds and onion heads were the worse to get through. It begins !

I’m wiped out so I think I’ll stop and knit some.

Supper is in the crockpot. Pioneer beans, S loves them and will eat them all week. I also baked a batch of brownies and frosted them this morning for my mom n law to take to her lioness quarter auction. They smelled so good but I let S have the one that didn’t fit on the serving platter. Willpower is hard.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Just me...

This is me to a T.

I am so independent that it bothers people.

I am because I had to be.

If no-one was there to rely on for me how else was I to be?
It was survival as a child and a way of life now.
So it's a catch 22.
I have to be so I am but no-one likes it but they don't do for me so?
The smile is extra...
I smile when they try to change me without doing anything different for me.

Confused yet?

I'm not.

I am just me ya see?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring Snow...

   Up to 8” of slushy, sleety snow was dumped 
 on us yesterday. 
     North of us there is another foot or so but still a
           sloppy mix that's easy to maneuver through.


    It’s already melting and dripping like 
      rocks off every surface.
As I drove S to pick up his truck from the shop 
I thought my windshield would break as the snow bombs pelted us.

  I love it.
Seems the rest of the world is not happy about it but then they never are.
Can’t please everyone or even some it seems.
I am happy about it.
Within two months it will be miserable hot and nasty.
I say, 
"You can always put more clothes on in winter but can never take enough off in summer".

That's a visual you probably didn't need.

Monday, March 12, 2018

# 3 finite

 Third pair done, completed, finite... #1 DPN’s
 Still not tight by any stretch but will stay up.

 Comfy yarn... Bad  nighttime pictures... Neat ribbings ....
Wool yarn rules...
 LN is home on spring break.
She came home 5 days after being diagnosed on the first day of break.
She wanted to remain at college and try to work through the excessive fatique during that last week.
She missed classes and slept in her dorm room mostly.
Her friends brought food and delivered her homework and helped with notes.
Her professors were very understanding and considerate.
   She is week 2 into her Mono recovery of 6-8 weeks.
     The joys of college life!
My healthy kid in the country has came down with everything imaginable these last 7 months.
She slept 16 hours straight the first night home.
That seemed to give her a boost.
She rallied to go choose some market lambs for this year tonight.
She hopes to go spring shopping before returning to campus Sunday.
A girl has to have priorities.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Which will you be?

The contrast of two 90 + yr old ladies is an interesting one.

Miss B is 92. 
Through an error in her judgement 10 yrs ago after a simple day surgery to improve circulation 
with an healing wound she lost her left leg at mid thigh.
Otherwise she is in excellent health and mind.
She does not follow daily events let alone world events.
She has no interest in learning more of anything.
She will not reminisce because "it is in the past who would want to know it".
She is very much Miss Manners and expects that of others.
She abhors technology and owns no cell phone or other electronics.
She has remarked she has done it all and now she's waiting for it to be over.
She has asked her doctor how much longer?
Remember she is healthy, not depressed just done.
She is stagnant .

Miss W is 95.
She has excellent health and an amazing mind.
She partakes daily because "wine is good for you" so why chance it on only
one glass let me drink several!
Never drunk just pleasantly pickled I think.
She voraciously follows the news world wide on her iPad and is so informed.
She attends political events or calls politicians to voice her thoughts.
She thinks nothing of trying to reach a congressman or even the President if something is "wrong".
This may take several long days of calling and waiting on hold.
She reminisces all the time happily.
Tonight she was so happy to blare her oldies swing music as loud as her speakers would project it while remembering how she floated in her late husbands arms dancing their nights away.
She's so smart, always learning and reading up on new things.
She wears old clothes, no bra and bare feet.
She remembers everything about the people in her circle.
Her house is messy because she has more important things to do!
She is wildly planning her birthday celebration this summer.
She is a hoot.

Two women born 3 years apart .
So different ...
Makes you wonder which one you will be doesn't it?