Monday, March 12, 2018

# 3 finite

 Third pair done, completed, finite... #1 DPN’s
 Still not tight by any stretch but will stay up.

 Comfy yarn... Bad  nighttime pictures... Neat ribbings ....
Wool yarn rules...
 LN is home on spring break.
She came home 5 days after being diagnosed on the first day of break.
She wanted to remain at college and try to work through the excessive fatique during that last week.
She missed classes and slept in her dorm room mostly.
Her friends brought food and delivered her homework and helped with notes.
Her professors were very understanding and considerate.
   She is week 2 into her Mono recovery of 6-8 weeks.
     The joys of college life!
My healthy kid in the country has came down with everything imaginable these last 7 months.
She slept 16 hours straight the first night home.
That seemed to give her a boost.
She rallied to go choose some market lambs for this year tonight.
She hopes to go spring shopping before returning to campus Sunday.
A girl has to have priorities.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Which will you be?

The contrast of two 90 + yr old ladies is an interesting one.

Miss B is 92. 
Through an error in her judgement 10 yrs ago after a simple day surgery to improve circulation 
with an healing wound she lost her left leg at mid thigh.
Otherwise she is in excellent health and mind.
She does not follow daily events let alone world events.
She has no interest in learning more of anything.
She will not reminisce because "it is in the past who would want to know it".
She is very much Miss Manners and expects that of others.
She abhors technology and owns no cell phone or other electronics.
She has remarked she has done it all and now she's waiting for it to be over.
She has asked her doctor how much longer?
Remember she is healthy, not depressed just done.
She is stagnant .

Miss W is 95.
She has excellent health and an amazing mind.
She partakes daily because "wine is good for you" so why chance it on only
one glass let me drink several!
Never drunk just pleasantly pickled I think.
She voraciously follows the news world wide on her iPad and is so informed.
She attends political events or calls politicians to voice her thoughts.
She thinks nothing of trying to reach a congressman or even the President if something is "wrong".
This may take several long days of calling and waiting on hold.
She reminisces all the time happily.
Tonight she was so happy to blare her oldies swing music as loud as her speakers would project it while remembering how she floated in her late husbands arms dancing their nights away.
She's so smart, always learning and reading up on new things.
She wears old clothes, no bra and bare feet.
She remembers everything about the people in her circle.
Her house is messy because she has more important things to do!
She is wildly planning her birthday celebration this summer.
She is a hoot.

Two women born 3 years apart .
So different ...
Makes you wonder which one you will be doesn't it?

Friday, February 16, 2018

Waiting game...

Waiting on :

*sheep to deliver*

*myself to finish tax paperwork*

 *things out of my hands to be worked out*

*car title for used car I bought my Dad who hung the moon always*

*spring break to see LN who is enjoying college life*

*Miss A to grow enough hair to braid*

*my mojo to finish second sock*

*that million someone owes me*

Into everyone's life a little rain must fall.

Delaware is going to get swapped again this next week on top of 5 in. last week
and constant drizzle last 36 hours.

*good thing our house sits on high ground*

That did Washington say to his men before crossing the Delaware?

Get in the boat men!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Knitting, Quilting and Cuteness....

Started a new sock pattern.
They are knit on size 1 DPN's.
They look like they will be narrow enough to fit .
The heal flap looks chunky but isn't. Must not be laying flat on the table.
The other socks I knit are too wide and slip down easily.
They were knit on size 2 DPN's.

Sheep hat is getting a workout with this active child. 
She kept taking it off so it became a battle of wills.
She doesn't like anything on her head much to her bow/headband loving Momma.
I don't wear hats either so hard to be mad at her.

I came home to this on my table.
I suppose S bought this case of mostly quilting books at the auction.
I really have too many books already.
Hmmmm maybe time to pass them on somehow, someway...

Im still working for a local CPA part time .
I am seriously thinking of becoming an Enrolled Agent or taking Accounting classes.
Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


   Yarn bowl and cool angles ...

 Strolling through her neighborhood
                heading to pickup lunch.

   Gyro bowl and cartoon concentration...

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Fat and Fun

This kid is such s quick study.

She just keeps climbing, sliding, and yelling Wee!!!

That’s the fun. This is the fat part.
She will be two beginning of May so I started this hat for a three year old measurement. 
Guess what?
Her head is too fat.
She will probably be the largest adult size there is.
Oh well I’ll finish this and start another.

Monday, January 8, 2018


Now she has them....

Waiting to get her wisdom teeth out.

Hating me for “doing this to her”!
She will survive. 
At least they weren’t impacted.
I wouldn’t let her have Vicodin .
Everyone in my family hallucinates on it severely.
She will love me later .
I hope...

Thursday, January 4, 2018

My boy..... :~}

        When your boy works at the right
               place during the storm.


I drove to his house in big red
         to watch Miss A while he worked. 

      Now she watching him start to clear out 
       his house and a few older neighbors.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Since LN has been home Miss A and her have become besties.
Miss A's vocab has been progressing quickly. She struggled with LN's name but has invented her own moniker for her new favorite person.

As you can see LN brought or shall I say bought her off with her favorite food.
Harder to see but Miss A has a bowl full of hash rounds from Chic fil a.
Carbs all the way baby just like our whole clan.

LN's feet are only an 8 or 8 1/2 not the 15's they appear to be.
I'm sure they will both miss each other after LN returns to college by the 15th.

I have never wanted or needed much financially.
Things are not important to me.
I only wanted to be a Mom and for my family to get along and be close.
It had to start with my three but it's happening.
May it continue.
You may not get to choose your family but you can choose to be close.
Life is about choices.