Sunday, February 10, 2019

End of weekend...

 means the finish of another set of  socks...

The self striping color is hard to see but a deep rainbow colorway I would say.

These picture is more accurate on color I believe.

I like the pattern , a k3p1 repeat. 
it keeps me occupied and interested more than a plain knit.
Therefore I finish faster ;}`
I rolled some yarn balls for the next pair but didn't cast on as it's sport weight and I don't know what size DPN I want to use.
Tomorrow or this week I'll play around with it and search patterns.

Friday me and Lil Miss A took a ride to the beach for lunch.
It's a 45-60 min trip south of me.
My truck needed a longer sustained mph trip to clean the exhaust.
Without LN around daily I do not take many longer than 20 min. trips like I have before.
No soccer, no 4-H, no field hockey, no college visits, etc, etc, etc.....
Makes me sad to think that.
Anyway me and Miss Sass went for a ride and lunch.

She decided she hates the beach and is afraid of the water.
Mind you this kid doesn't stay away from the waves any other time we have been.
I carry dry clothes with us for that reason.
I am guessing she was hangry!

She probably was tired to as she laid down at the place we ate till our fries came out.
She devoured them.
"Death fries"
French fries with bacon and cheese and  ranch dressing and bar-b-que sauce drizzled on top.
Worth the drive trust me.

The waves were exploding and the sea looked angry.
It still relaxes me no matter the weather and conditions.


  1. The socks are nice. they look a little longer in the leg than the last pair. Do like the color. Your granddaughter looked like she wasn't quite sure of the the ocean? Could it of been it was cold out and not like summer when it's warm? I know I sound like a broken record, but she's adorable. She seems very happy to be with her Grammie! take care!!

    1. Lynne, you have good eyes. Yes I added an inch or so to the length. I had enough left I could have added another inch. I don't mind having higher socks. Miss A was tired. She loves the ocean usually and probably will next time around. It was a bad weather day with higher , angry waves. The picture doesn't show it the best.

  2. She's going to remember these special times with her grandma. As will her grandma remember the special times with her. Don't let her grow up too fast. These times when they're wee ones (as my Scottish grandma would say) are precious.

    1. Oh MamaPea I wish I could hold her back. She is so independant
      (ahem,not sure where she gets that). She is growing by leaps and bounds.