Friday, May 1, 2015

Crazy Change

Yesterday when I left home to drive 17 mi south to LN's games it was 75* and sticky.
I wore capris, flip flops and short sleeve lightweight shirt.
20 min later at the field it was 55* and windy.
I pulled old xxl camo fleece out of back seat in my truck and a blanket for my legs.
No shame in my game or dress for that matter!
LN sat bench during whole Varsity.
Last 10 min coach told her they were saving her for JV.
Good thing as her foul kick was a goal and the only score.
Won 1-0 on undefeated team.
LN's team dominated but couldn't put in in goal against their more than decent keeper.
We know the keeper.
She told me after the game she wanted anyone else except LN to take that shot.

She's going to lose her tongue if she doesn't stop chewing it. 

Love her hair in this shot.
She has a cold and fever so she collapsed on the drive home.
She stayed up to do homework but was asleep asap after.
Tough kid,...


  1. Did she come down with the cold and fever as a result of the crazy temperature fluctuation or did she have it before hand? Glad YOU had clothes and a blanket to wrap up in. You would have been a popsicle sitting in the stands all that time if you hadn't!

    1. Always be prepared MamaPea! I keep extra hoodys and few blankets in my truck just in case. Cheap gloves too and cheap rain ponchos.
      I don't know where she picked up the big. Lots of sick kids and families passing it around. Weather is not helping.

  2. Oh my gosh, what a tough kid.

    1. I know don't tell her Kristina but she is one of my heroes!
      I hope to be like her when I grow up!

  3. we had that same temperature swing over here in MD! I was a sweaty mess and then that front blew in and it was awesome! But then the rain came…. :)