Friday, May 8, 2015

Done and Done

Garden Guru showed as I posted last entry. 

Garden tilled and ready for next week.

It's purdy right now. I wish weeds left it like that.
Working on all flower beds, mowing, garden prep and regular life makes fit bit happy.
My supposed goal is 10,000 steps per day.
Last three days I overachieved .

I'm tired. 
Still have to fill water troughs , pack everything, and feed before we leave. My Fitbit needs charged so rest of my steps are not getting recorded. Makes me sad :/ I've become used to seeing my progress. It isn't showing in my clothes just on screen though. That makes me sadder :-/


  1. Looks to me as if you're burning more calories than you can be taking in. Methinks one of these mornings you're going to wake up and be three sizes smaller. Don't know if you can afford to change that much!

    1. I can afford a few sizes MamaPea. Maybe not 3 but I'd like to have that option.

  2. My fitbit read 17,181 last night and I don't show any pounds off yet either.