Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Skirt Work...

Skirt work is usually work only women do.
In my world it's any work no one else will do. In this case I'm the only one who wants flowers so to me the work is worth it.  This morning bright and early I went and got a scoop of mulch. Lady asked red, black or natural? Seriously why red or black? I told her the normal boring kind which she laughed about.

This magically turned into this.

It looks better mulched and watered.
Mother Nature is up next to bat so it fills in and thrives.

On the way to my next chore I observed a lazy ewe multitasking. Eating and resting in the heat. Shearing is on long list next week. 

MamaPea here ya go lady.
I took out the tomato fencing of cattle panels and tposts. 
My garden is ready for working up.
The call is in and the man says next few days. All the raspberries and mess to the left are gone but no picture. Why you ask? 

Well this picture shows I did pull the raspberries out. I also was foolish enough to wear shorts. Oh wow are my legs on fire.

No fashion modeling for me!
Oh the pain just to eat some tomatoes and cucumbers and salads and green beans and etc.
I can't wait.
Off to pack food, clothes and other sundries. LN and I are off to upper NJ for last soccer tournament of spring season. 

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  1. When we pick wild black raspberries we tend to come in looking like you. Ouch! The flowers look great.