Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Fun

After a early morning soccer game in New Jersey I returned to Delaware to this mess.

20 round bales in a wad to be sorted out.
They were soft baled and been wet so moving them was a chore.

Smashed up, loose mess...

I chained around them and S carefully moved them. I got my steps in following him with all 20 bales. We moved them into rows of 2 with 3rd on top to air dry away from the house and barn. 

Hopefully the camper is safe. I don't think the bales are that hot.

All I can say is beggers can't be choosers so I'm grateful for what we have.

I received texts from Z, his gf R, and my R wishing me Happy Mothers Day. 

This was R's. She has too much time on her hands. 
LN wished me Happy Mom Day as soon as she woke up. Her travel coach gave all the Mothers a tulip at the game. I received an IOU for the girls gift. Seems it's in transit.
After hay mess LN and I walked lambs and pigs also .
All and all a good day!


  1. What a chore that must have been moving those big, floppy bales. But you must feel pretty good now that they're done.

    My Mother's Day gift from my daughter was delivered in an almost-done state. She's making me the most colorful switch plate cover for my quilt room. She apologized for it not being done but said it took one heckuva lot longer to do than she had anticipated. I'll post a picture of it when it's done . . . and I get it!

    1. Better late or the thought than forgotten right?
      Hay was chore but necessary and I'm glad it's done.

  2. Replies
    1. Seems like it. Slow and steady we developed a rhythm where I chained and he sat on tractor lol. Whatever works.