Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Hidey Hole

This morning I put roast in crockpot, cleaned pig pens, re bedded and made a new pen after feeding chores. The hogs ran around and rolled in mud while I worked so baths ensued before weighing and seperating 2 market hogs that weigh the same weight :/  I came inside to start 2nd crockpot of ranch potatoes and since I was drenched clean through time to shower then hide!
I had to rearrange and clean some in my basement creativity cave before I settled down to a movie and an ongoing knitting project. I wish I kept at it but only knit a few minutes at a time before my ADHD kicks in. No I'm not being sarcastic or am I diagnosed but dang do I pop around from thing to thing. Makes you and me wonder.


  1. I know I don't suffer from ADHD but have the same problem . . . when I have any "free" time, there are so many things I want to do that I flit like an airhead from one thing to another. "Oh, good, I'm gonna quilt. Or maybe I should finish knitting that sock. Geez, I've had that Netflix DVD for two weeks, I think I'll watch that. But I only have about 20 pages to finish in the good book I'm reading." About then, the guilt kicks in and I go clean the toilet. Sigh. Know any place we can go to learn how to sit still?

    1. I'm with you MamaPea. It seems everything I start I can find a dozen other things to work on. I ended up altering a pair of sleep shorts instead of knitting.