Monday, May 4, 2015

Sunday - Rest Day?

Sunday was a hot one in Delaware.
Mid 80's and sticky humid for springtime weather makes me crankier than normal.
Saturday evening as we came home from working her goat (which stays at a friends house because it has other goats there and they grow better in a herd) we checked weather for Sunday.
Me and LN agreed she'd crawl out of her cave by 10:00 am to get animals done before heat hit hard.
She did and we did.
Pigs were tackled 1st.
I cleaned pens while she sprayed off 2 at a time and walked them.
We made another pen in case we need it.
We are always tweaking the setup around here as animals dictate needs.

Yes it was hot and yes that is a sports bra on her.
You see less than her bathing suit shows and she works on her pale skin some.

Next up was lamb walking and setting up practice.
We stayed in the shade as much as possible.

She wants to do this in showmanship.
Bet she doesn't place in that class.
A sense of humor helps at home though.

While that was happening this happened.

Something in the neighborhood must have drawn them in.
I had cows tied up from their morning meal.
As soon as Diamond was released she charged the buzzards and they took flight.
No one messes with big mamma when she feels her calf is in jeopardy.
He was laying against her so no danger there but she wasn't taking chances.
I laughed too hard to focus the camera as she attacked.

After finishing animals chores we headed for the basement "creativity cave".
LN started a fair sewing project.
A blue knit tshirt she wanted.

Notice the sweatpants as the temperatures were chilly down there which makes me happy.

This is how far she got before she was bored.
She liked the shirt so much she asked me to finish it so she could wear it today to school.
The material looks boring but has slight sparkle and sheen to it.
It has sleeves and high low  loose fit.

Since she wants to wear it now I took over.
No fair project , daily life project instead.
I played with the serger and taught myself how to serger hem and seam finish this knit.

Wrinkled but complete!

Slightly gathered sleeve with cool hem technique I pintrest learned.

Still can't see the purple/blue color striations throughout the knit.
It's neat and why LN picked it out.

Hem finished same as sleeves.
It looks like separate piece but is only one.
The neck opening was different and I was not happy with pattern instructions.
I folded it over and made it smaller as it gaped on LN's neck.
The size is right  across the shoulders just a loose fit overall but the neck looked sloppy.
So what's a girl to do but wake up in the middle of the night with options in her dreams.
When LN makes her fair shirt I'll have her try my dream thought out.
That happens alot with me.
I dream current events and modify things as I dream.
Whatever works I guess.


  1. That's funny about the vultures. Our one dogs hates them and thinks he can chase and catch them, ha ha!

    1. In the 23 yrs I've here it's the 1st time I've seen them land around the cows. The dog was inside or he would have chased them too. Not sure what dogs think they'll do if they catch any though lol.

  2. I never would have thought a cow would take off after vultures! Funny that they must know what the vultures are around for. They don't chase off crows or other birds, right?

    The animals at your place sure do get their share of attention. Sheep, pigs, what all else? :o}

    I can definitely see where LN gets her sewing ability. Very creative!

    1. That cow is dominate around here. What she does everyone follows.
      I have layer hens, market lambs and breeder ewes, market hogs, steers, cows, horse, cats and a dog.
      Tons of fun ...
      LN enjoys being a tomboy, aggressive in sports but sewing girly clothes as well.

  3. Very nice! The serger is one machine I haven't tackled yet, it's still a mystery to me!