Saturday, May 16, 2015

Who else?

Show of hands who else started to bake blueberry/oatmeal muffins and make pasta salad at 9:30 pm last night? I wanted my girls to have some good food at the livestock show. I sent muffins, pasta, turkey and cheese sandwich fixings, strawberries and blueberries as well as junk food and drinks. There is a limited food  booth so we hedge our bets by bringing food.

Who else helped youngun get ready for her 1st livestock show of the season last night after practice ended ?

All packed up, trailer hooked up, backed up to barn then into house for baking/cooking chores by 9:30 pm.
Thanks coach for letting practice out an hour early so LN could get her beauty sleep.  She has travel tryouts Sunday and needs her rest. She's been fighting a cold with serious cough the last few days and I heard her get up and get a drink about 3:30 am , poor girl. That didn't stop her from getting up at 5:30 to load trailer and head off with her Dad. S helps out at the show and had to be there by 6:30 am so I'm on store duty today. I'll join them after closing up at noon. R will go help out LN mid morning get her pigs washed and sheep ready to roll for 2:00 pm county show. This morning is a jackpot show we don't enter. It says it's a "prospect" show but winners are always finished so it's a waste of my moolah. That gives LN time to prepare and visit with her friends anyway.

Who else just wants to crawl back in bed?
Me too...


  1. Ever give thought to how your life is going to change when LN goes off to college? I've said it before . . . your kids hit the jackpot when they got you for a mom.

    My dad always said, "Plenty of time for sleeping when you're dead." But there are so many times right here and now when it would feel soooo good!

    P.S. Last Saturday night I was baking a pie long after I'm usually in bed so I can relate to your late night efforts at preparing a feast for your livestock goin' gang.

    1. MamaPea I have plans for the college years. The prep has begun and in not at liberty to reveal yet .
      Sleep is my favorite thing but often lacking in :/
      I'm not much of a late night kitchen maid I prefer to early bake and cook to get it over with lol. Especially in the summer even if ac is on.

  2. I admit that I'm quite a drill sargeant when it comes to sleeping in, my poor kids. Hope she is feeling better, terrible to not be able to fully enjoy such an action packed day!

  3. Erin , I'm not much on getting them up
    early unless they have school or appointment. Life's too short as it is for kids . I'm trying to soften as I progress do sleep is necessary evil. I do suggest they get up by making noise and moving around if they have slept sufficiently in my opinion. Lol moms have their ways.