Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Maybe, fingers Xed ....

On the advice of a fellow blogger I switched from Safari to Chrome on my Mac.
It seems to have fixed the issues I have had commenting and replying.
Time will tell.

Time will tell with these girls also.
6 were bred, 5 show positive results on ultrasound scan.
The other one may be bred just not showing up.
Fingers crossed for that result.

Tree is out by the road for a local goat farmer to pick up.
Decorations 99.9% put away for another year.

This munchin is still a ray of sunshine mixed with a splash of hell and brimstone.
It is going to be fun to watch her grow and develop.

LN is still home from college for a week or so.
She and I are working on scholarship paperwork and office paperwork.
I am trying to de clutter but ...yeah well ya know.... 


  1. Looks as though you've avoided a covering of snow on the ground so far. Your animals are probably just as happy about that. Hoping that ewe just wants to keep her pregnancy a secret for a while longer.

    Love that picture of your little ray of sunshine. Sounds to me like she's a chip off the old block. ;o}

    1. MamaPea we so need the snow cover. It's been so wet and rainy but warmer than needed. The bugs and disease next this coming year will be horrible if we dont get colder weather. Every year it's a little different I guess.

  2. Glad you got your responses on the Blog working again. It's been warm and rainy here also. We need the cold to kill all the germs. there is a lot of Flu going on in Mass. Not good! Your sheep look very healthy. I bet it was fun with the little one over Christmas. She is at a great age.I love the way she sit and just munches away. Happy New Year ! Take good care.